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To help our community of sponsors and our wider audience of suppliers reach, connect and engage with senior decision-makers in the Finance Sector, we have set up a series of webinars. The first of which took place in July 2020 – see full details below.


Be part of a panel of experts

Including Hackney Council, Lincoln City Council and The Chartered Institute of Public Finance & Accountancy as we explore:

How Local Authorities can avoid section 114 territory and move to preventive based finance strategy with a focus on investment
How Local Authorities can use foundational digital tools and capabilities to alleviate budgetary pressure and fulfil core responsibilities
The governance needed to support disaster recovery and build financial resilience
Contingency plans for local authorities in the event of a second wave of Covid-19


Leading through Uncertainty and Saving Local Authorities from Fiscal Disaster

The current crisis has exposed a gaping hole in local authority finances. 44 of England’s largest councils are poised for bankruptcy. A collapse in income base from council tax, parking charges and leisure fees has rendered councils unable to deliver key services effectively, leaving councils wondering what this will mean for their 2020/2021 budgets, going forward.

To ensure their resilience and survival, financial officers will need to make tough decisions, prioritise what the most critical aspects of public expenditure should be and increase income.

What are the benefits of sponsoring?

Whether you want to lead the conversation around public sector finance or generate brand awareness in your target sector, there are packages available to help you achieve these goals.

Alongside speaking opportunities, sponsors will benefit from promotion and branding coverage on the live webinar, your brand featured on all promotional emails and social media about the webinar, sent to delegates of the live event in October and our wider finance community.

Who Should Partner this Webinar?

Partners will supply one or more of the following solutions:
  • Predictive Modelling 
  • Debt Recovery/Collection
  • Enterprise Resource Planning 
  • Data management & Analytics 
  • Cloud 
  • Budget Planning 
  • Scenario Planning 
  • Financial Reporting tools 
  • Robotic Process Automation 

What are the costs to get involved?

Our entry-level package, limited to 3 organisations, starts at £2000+VAT and will guarantee the promotion of your brand.

Our Headline Partner package, exclusive to one company, includes sitting on our panel of experts to address the audience of 200 public sector finance professionals costs £5,000+VAT.

Who will be viewing this Webinar?

We will deliver this strictly public sector webinar to a 200 strong audience of:
  • Chief Finance Officers 
  • Heads of Revenues and Benefits
  • Chief Data Officers
  • Heads of Audit and Risk Management 
  • Financial Controllers 
  • Chief Internal Auditors 
  • Directors of Corporate and Commercial Services 
  • Heads of Governance