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A sample of the 2020 agenda, to give you a taste of what to expect when we return in 2022

9:15 am
Chair's Opening Remarks
Andrew Burns 
Andrew Burns 
The Chartered Institute of Public Finance & Accountancy (Confirmed)
9:25 am
The Road to Post-Crisis Recovery: A New Era in Government Accounting & Finance
  • Optimising the finance function post COVID-19: A look at the opportunities and obstacles that the rest of 2020 may have in store  
  • Accelerating the professionalisation of the finance function to enable the function to take a strategic and active role in shaping and delivering government priorities  
  • Joining up and increasing the effectiveness of financial planning, budgeting, forecasting and performance management by embracing the use of emerging technologies such as predictive analytical toolsrobotics, cloud-based platforms, dashboard & data visualization tools, automation, and artificial intelligence 
  • Developing effective cross government collaboration across audit and counter fraud functions to improve financial risk management and deliver overall value for money by the end of the fiscal year 2021. 
Mike Driver
Mike Driver
Chief Financial Officer and Head of the Government Finance Function
Ministry of Justice & HM Treasury (confirmed)
9:45 am
The Future of Finance: Embracing the Digital Age and the Promise of Open Banking
  • A comprehensive overview of the UK payment landscape and how payment services, open banking, blockchain, AI and digital currencies, will evolve in the short term and further into the future  
  • Discussing the role of public infrastructure in supporting a dynamic and data rich economy and what infrastructure will be needed to keep up with new payment models  
  • How to balance rapid innovation with the stability and security required, in which the public sector must operate?  
  • Driving industry wide collaboration across government and the private sector and the enablement of effective, efficient, safe and inclusive payments  
10:15 am
Morning Break, Refreshments & Networking
11:00 am
Headline Sponsor
11:20 am
Public Sector Finance in a 4.0 World

Improving Efficiency, Transparency and Effectiveness in Payment Service Delivery  

A Learning Experience from HM Revenue & Customs, Department of Work and Pensions, Cabinet Office and Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, sharing how:  

  • The DWP stood up to the challenge of unprecedented demand for services, due to the impact and effect of Covid-19,  processing 1.8million claims for universal credit, 250,000 claims for job seekers allowance and 20,000 claims for employment and support allowance  
  • Future technologies are driving a fundamental shift in government finance services and processes?  
  • The use of emerging financial technology has made a positive impact for the taxpayer by enabling faster reconciliation, enabling real time visibility and supported the provision of evidence and verification 
  • Automating systems has allowed for robust decision making at strategic level  
  • Changes to payment systems have delivered procurement process synergies across government departments  
  • HMRC is transforming citizen engagement through Making Tax Digital and building a holistic understanding of digital persona’s  
  • Departments have leveraged API technology to enable access of information from third parties and to corroborate data  
11:50 am
Culture Comes First: The Roadmap to Digital Transformation for Finance
  • Creating a holistic citizen experience by breaking down silos across digital, IT, finance, HR, audit and counter fraud functions and improving front end experience and back end financial tracking capabilities  
  • Translating the finance mandate to non-finance people and addressing internal reluctance  
  • Discovering how UX is transforming financial management and the direction this will take in the future  
  • Designing a seamless financial platform that builds trust and learning how strong data analysis can add significant operational value  
12:15 pm
Platinum Sponsor
12:35 pm
Lunch, Networking & Exhibition
1:35 pm
Gold Partner
1:50 pm
The Future of Local Authority Payment Services
  • Understanding what changes were made by local authorities to accelerate payments to suppliers at a time of reduced functionality and Covid-19 and how continuity in the provision of essential public services were ensured   
  • Reviewing the deployment of digital first technology across local government and how this has improved citizen engagement  
  • Discussing how payment services are improving payment collection and the disbursement of cash  
  • Implementing the right technology: A look at the infrastructure needed to enable an integrated cashless solution  
Guy Ware
Guy Ware
Director, Local Government Performance & Finance
London Councils (Confirmed)
David Phillips
David Phillips
Associate Director
Institute of Fiscal Studies (Confirmed)
2:10 pm
Fireside Chat: Fraud Risk Management: A Guide to Good Practice
  • The Risk Management Cycle: Identifying fraud risks, assessing their impact, prioritizing actions to control and reduce the risk  
  • Developing robust internal controls and segregation of duties to mitigate susceptibility to fraud 
  • Instilling an anti-fraud culture to encourage openness and overcome a legacy of silence  
  • What audit arrangements were in place to maintain transparency and accountability during the Covid-19 crisis 
Bozena Hillyer
Bozena Hillyer
Director Counter Fraud, Compliance and Debt
Department for Work and Pensions (confirmed)
2:30 pm
Analytics First! Drive your Finance Strategy through Data-Led Decision Making
  • Learning how data analytics will help reduce pressure on day to day financial operations by improving cashflow and profitability profiling  
  • How big data is transforming fintech and why data analytics is the key to performance and key to improving service efficiency and delivery  
  • Maintaining your data standard: Putting in place the right procedures for data governance and ensuring that trust is the key currency for data sharing and efficient coalition between multiple institutions 
  • Developing the right framework around the operational value that can be obtained and showcasing the operational capabilities of data science  
2:50 pm
Case Study| Cloud Based Integration in Action

Learning outcomes: 

  • How cloud-based ERP systems has helped HMRC transition to remote working during the pandemic  
  • The governance, risks and control framework necessary for cloud outsourcing  
  • How HMRC is transforming the role of finance by using cloud based accounting to support its critical finance operations  and its back-office processes and  implementing new finance, payroll, procurement, expenses, planning and analytics solutions to drive greater innovation and efficiency  
3:15 pm
A Robotics Led Finance Function- When and What to Automate
  • Understanding how RPA has ensured business continuity in the age of Covid-19 and facilitated welfare transactions  
  • Assessing the future of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and what finance leaders expect from this technology  
  • Outlining best practice for embedding automation into current workflows, overcoming the biggest challenges in intelligent automation implementation and avoiding failed projects  
  • When things go wrong? What measures are in place to rectify errors or false results without leaving people vulnerable?  
3:30 pm
Afternoon Break, Networking & Exhibition
4:00 pm
Keynote| The New Generation Auditor: Improving Governance in the Public Sector
  • Emphasising the importance of effective financial management in supporting sound decision-making, facilitating accountability, improving and refining planning, and managing organisational risk to delivery 
  • Strengthening financial management capability in government and exploring the implications of Covid-19 on the preparation of accounts 
Abdool Kara
Abdool Kara
Executive Director
National Audit Office (confirmed)
4:25 pm
CFO’s and Cyber Security: Staying ahead of the Game
  • Understanding how Covid 19 has upended cyber enabled fraud and created a range of new cyber vulnerabilities for central government financial departments  
  • Bolstering digital resilience and creating an effective cyber security strategy to respond to fast-evolving threats  
  • Lessons learned from high profile breaches in the past decade  
  • Working collaboratively with partners across cyber and fraud functions to mitigate risks  
  • Championing emerging technologies while maintaining strict security requirements and risk awareness  
4:50 pm
End of Conference