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Very well organised event. Good speakers, excellent venue. Keep up the excellent work!
GovMoney event gave very insightful content across a range of subjects which would be essential for wealth managers, advisers and any organisation involved with consumers money!
Good food for thought on digitisation and current topics of general financial interest, and was well worth the time spent.


14th November 2020

Implementing emerging tech in the public sector

GovTech looks to the future and aims to prepare the public sector for the next wave of emerging technology. This includes the use of 5G, AI and geospatial data; and looks at both how we can upskill the workforce and how to use innovative technologies like these ethically.

Attend if you are:

A technology pioneer, looking to explore the challenges and successes of implementing new and emerging tech in the public sector.

Cyber Security & Data Protection Summit

19th November 2020

Safeguarding Britain’s Businesses, Networks and Citizens

The Cyber Security Summit is dedicated to putting cyber security firmly on the boardroom agenda of all government departments, public sector organisations, and industries by connecting security, technology and data leaders with business executives all under one roof.

Attend if you are:

A Cyber Security or Data Protection practitioner at any level in your career.

Government ICT

21st January 2021

Championing Technical Brilliance in Government

Government ICT provides insight on how to incorporate best-practice and IT transformation strategies internally, to help your organisation work more efficiently. Topics covered include data collaboration across government, a look at IT procurement frameworks, and how to improve connectivity between London boroughs.

Attend if you are:

Looking to reform your internal strategies, buy new software, or implement new platforms for your staff.

Counter Fraud

February 2021

Staying at the Forefront of the Counter Fraud Evolution

Being a counter fraud specialist was once all about achieving enforcement success, but now it is also about staying ahead. Today, we need a new kind of intelligent approach; one that is about data-driven decision making and empowers the specialists on the front line. Counter Fraud 2021 promises a practical focus on how you can change your investigative methods, and how you can incorporate technology meaningfully into your fraud detection ecosystem.

Attend if you are:

A fraud, intelligence, audit, risk, strategy or compliance leader, working across the public sector